Photo of Per Gunnar Petersson

Per Gunnar Petersson, born 1954, is a Swedish composer, organist and choirmaster.

After completing a cantor degree at the age of 16, he studied at the Academy of Music in Vienna 1973-77 with Anton Heiller as professor in organ, improvisation and composition. Petersson graduated with diploma and unanimous distinction from all professors. He studied musicology at Lund University in 1978-79 and completed an advanced pedagogic course at the Malmö Academy of Music 1980-81. He has also conducted special studies in composition led by Knut Nystedt in Oslo.

Since 1978 Per Gunnar Petersson has held the position as organist and choir director in the parish of Älmhult. He has been active in various Swedish organisations: Chairman of the Swedish Organ Society, Vice President of Church Musicians' Association, member of the board of the Swedish Church Music Council and the Church of Sweden Choral Association.

Per Gunnar Petersson’s portfolio contains - in addition to 90 preludes and arrangements - nearly 100 compositions published in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland. Most of the works are available at Gehrmans Music Publisher in Stockholm.

Petersson composes mainly choral and organ music, although other instruments are also represented. He has been commissioned to compose works for among others the Church of Sweden, Uppsala University, The County Music Organization, Sensus, various cathedrals and choirs within and outside of Sweden. He was commissioned by the Swedish Radio/Berwaldhallen to write the composition for the final round of the conducting contest in connection with the Eric Ericson Award in 2003. Petersson's music has represented Sweden in almost every Nordic Church Music Symposium since the 1980s. His music is performed in Europe and the Americas, and Per Gunnar Petersson receives regular invitations to present and perform his music both in Sweden and abroad.

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