In reverse chronological order

Tre canti sacri

1. Laudate Dominum
2. Dona nobis pacem
3. Alleluia
SA and organ
Latin text
Durata 10 min
First performance in Älmhult´s Church 2009
Published by Gehrmans 2008, GE 11330
Recorded on CD "Dancing Pipes" nosag CD 199, with members of Älmhult´s Oratorio Choir conducted by Per Gunnar Petersson

In Honorem Sancte Birgitte

1. Introitus, durata 3,5 min
2. Alleluia (with S solo), durata 4,5 min
Version for SSSSAAAA a cappella
Latin texts from Birger Gregersson´s Officium Sancte Birgitte, 1381
Comissioned by Uppsala University Choral Centre, see preface by prof Stefan Parkman
First performance in Uppsala Cathedral Nov 8 2003 by La Cappella, conductor Karin Eklundh
Published by Gehrmans 2003, GE 10550 & 10551
The second movement, Alleluia, is recorded on "Salve Regina" Caprice Records CAP 21751 with Hjo Church Youth Choir conducted by Mats Bertilsson

Missa brevis

Kyrie - Gloria - Sanctus - Agnus Dei
SSA e percussione
Latin texts
Published by Gehrmans 1997, CG 7495

Som liljan på sin äng

SA and organ
Swedish text by Jan Arvid Hellström
Durata 4,5 min
Published by Gehrmans 1995, CG 7314
First performance in Stenbrohult´s Church Nov 4 1995, conductor Mary Chard Petersson


SA and organ
Texts in Swedish from the Bible
Durata 30 min
Published by Wessmans 1992, 9245
First performance in Stenbrohult´s Church May 16 1992 by Jubilatekören, Mary Chard Petersson, organ and Per Gunnar Petersson, conductor
Fader vår (The Lord´s Prayer) from the Vesper is recorded on "O Come, Let Us Sing" PCD 5146 with Klarup Girls´ Choir conducted by Jan Ole Mortensen
Several movements from the Vesper have been published separately by Wessmans:
Villigt kommer ditt folk 8621
Se, Gud är min frälsning 9033
Var inte rädd, Maria 8902
Sannerligen, om ni inte omvänder er 9032
Fader vår 9229
Magnificat 9235

Skörden är stor

SA and organ
Text in Swedish from the Bible, Matt 9:37-38
Published by Wessmans 1987, 8732

Uti din nåd

SSAA a cappella
Text from the Swedish Hymn Book No 240
Durata 2 min
Published by Wessmans 1986, 8620
Recorded on "Ett kyrkoår med fem körer" HKK1 and also on "G-klaven" WISCD 758